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FlexNA Beta 1.0 and New Site Design

Sat, March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

FlexNA has reached a milestone release:  Beta 1.0.  You can get it over at the newly redesigned homepage:  All the information you need to know about the 1.0 release is on the website.  Go there and check it out!

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FlexNA Alpha 1.0

Mon, August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

After months of work, FlexNA has reached 1.0. This designation signifies that it is complete enough to be used to make fully functional XNA Framework applications. However, the “Alpha” designation means that I need your help to test the framework for any issues.

FlexNA has come a long way from version 0.1.2. A complete listing of functionality will be provided in a later post and will also be added to the FlexNA website.

To make the testing process easier, FlexNA is now available as a standalone project template for Visual Studio 2010. Simply copy the project template file to your My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates folder to see the template in the Visual Studio 2010 New Project dialog. The project template includes the 1.0 Alpha version of FlexNA.dll and the FlexNA.xml file for the built-in editor code documentation. The project should work right out of the box and includes a starting FlexNA application, ready to go. Please report any issues using the template.

Go to the FlexNA Download page to start creating FlexNA applications today!

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Alpha 0.1.2 Released

Fri, April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a small update this week.  As always, you can get the new version over on the FlexNA download page.

  • Fixed clipping functionality for controls and their child controls. Child controls are now drawn within the client boundary of their parent control and any portion of the child control extending beyond the parent’s bounds are clipped. The clipping also works for controls that have child controls with their own child controls.
    For example:


    If ChildOfChild extends outside of ChildOfParent, it will be clipped to be inside ChildOfParent. If either ChildOfChild or ChildOfParent extend outside of ParentControl, they will be clipped to be inside ParentControl.

    I have uploaded a video demonstrating the new functionality in action, check out the new Videos tab at the top.

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FlexNA 0.1 Now Available

Sat, April 16, 2011 Leave a comment

The first preliminary release of FlexNA is available for download now.

The following is a quick summary of important classes available in this version:

  • FlexApp
  • ScreenManager
  • Screen
  • BasicScreen
  • Control
  • ContainerControl
  • ControlFrame
  • Sprite
  • FlexColor
  • FlexTexture
  • Randomizer
  • FlexMathHelper
  • SpriteTextConsole
  • SimpleCountdown
  • BloomSettings
  • FullScreenBloom
  • FullScreenEffectApplicator
  • AutoValueSlider

There are currently 50 classes available.  For a full listing, consult the Object Browser in Visual Studio once you’ve referenced the .dll.  Please note that some classes may be renamed or removed in future updates.  This preliminary release is relatively stable, but you may encounter bugs.

Since this is a volatile release, it is not recommended to become too attached to using the classes as they are, because future name changes and deletions will break any code you have relying on them.

This release is for evaluation purposes only and is not intended to be a viable tool for developing critical applications.  However, there’s nothing stopping you from using this version in any type of project you choose, but future versions will look much different from this one.

Feedback is encouraged!  Please feel free to play around with the classes and see how they work and report any bugs, issues, comments, suggestions, etc. here.